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Jiangsu Hailong electrical appliance is entering the national high-tech enterprise
Source:hailongvvt                Time:2018-06-26

Jiangsu Hailong Electric Parts Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of variable valve timing device in China, aiming at the innovation drive, aiming at the international frontier and improving its independent research and development capability. The country has successfully entered the national high-tech enterprises.

Vehicle variable valve timing system, referred to as VVT, is a new technology which has been gradually applied to cars in recent years. This technology regulates the phase of the engine cam by the equipped control and execution system, so that the opening and closing time of the valve changes with the change of the engine speed, as if the long run is to keep the whole breath according to the running pace, and the VVT is also designed to allow the hair motive to be able to be based on the different load conditions. Adjust the "breath" freely. In the past, this technology was monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Most of the domestic auto manufacturers used their products. The VVT products developed by Hailong Electric Co., Ltd. filled the blank of the domestic market.

A few years ago, Jiangsu Hailong Electric Co., Ltd. mainly produced engine ignition coils, but the production of domestic manufacturers with the same type of products was larger, and the company's profit was gradually reduced. In order to realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, the company resolutely aims at the VVT technology mastered by foreign enterprises. It has invested a lot of funds and worked with the domestic scientific research institute. Through 4 years, the company has successfully developed VVT production abroad, and has become the first enterprise in China to develop the variable valve timing system (VVT) of automobile engine, and the east wind, Peugeot, Geely, the Great Wall and other 10 car companies have established long-term cooperative relations with a total output exceeding 3 million sets.

Technology innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. For many years, Jiangsu Hailong Electric Co., Ltd. has taken technological innovation as the most important part of enterprise development. At present, the company has 40 patents for utility models, 2 invention patents, and 20 Patent devices. This year the company has been added to the list of state high-tech enterprises. (Yang Cheng)

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