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Industry dynamics
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  1. VVT: it is a variable valve timing;CVVT: continuous variable valve timing;CVVT is the abbreviation of English Continue Variable Valve Timing. The translation into Chinese is a continuous variable valve timing mechanism. It is one of the man...
  2. Most TOYOTA cars produced in recent years have assembled an engine labeled with "VVT-i". After commercial publicity, many people have known the new term "VVT-i", but the specific content of it is rarely known. VVT is the English abbreviation, the full name is "Variable Valve Timing", the Chinese meaning is "variable valve t...
  3. What does the VVT variable valve timing system mean? The following is a detailed introduction of the VVT variable valve timing system. Outlines VVT (Variable Valve Timing) variable valve timing system. The system is equipped with the contro...
  4. VVT is an inlet variable timing valve technology. DVVT can be said to be an upgrade of VVT, a variable timing valve technology with air intake and outgassing. CVT has nothing to do with the two, it's a non - pole gearbox. More oil savin...
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